Amnesty in Concert: Say it! Sing it! Shout it! Free speech for all

The purpose of Amnesty in Concert is to attract attention to Amnesty International as an organisation of the utmost importance in the battle for human rights all over the world. 

This concert concept was introduced on 7 September 2002 in "VEGA" in Copenhagen and since then Amnesty in Concert has been involved in a number of concerts with both Danish and international artists.

We want everybody to have a wonderful experience: the audience, the artists, the volunteers. To achieve this we strive for quality in all aspects of the event, in music and other activities (both serious and entertaining), sound and lighting. Our choice of sponsors is not random, we want to work with companies that strive for quality as well.

Amnesty in Concert consists of a group of volunteers including both members and non-members
of Amnesty International. This group is responsible for the planning of events and day-to-day work. However, this group is backed by many more volunteers. 

We have chosen freedom of expression as the overall theme for Amnesty in Concert.

Musical expression is particularly suited to influence human minds, and the strong
opinions of musicians combined with the influencial power of music have induced many regimes to censor musicians and sometimes an entire musical genre.

Amnesty in Concert is a loud celebration of the freedom of expression also in music.

Silencing dissidents is common in many countries. Amnesty International would like to be
the voice of the silent prisoners. Amnesty in Concert is our opportunity to say it, sing it, and, yes, shout it! Free speech for all!

If you want to learn more about Amnesty in Concert in Denmark, please contact Production Manager Peter Wallengren, e-mail: peter@amnestyinconcert.dk

For more information about the work of Amnesty International, please visit:

"There is a light that never goes out", Danish singer Marie Frank dedicated her song to Amnesty. Danish entertainer Erik Clausen presenting his enterpretation of freedom of expression Brett Anderson from Suede signs a petition